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Daniel Ramos

Managing Partner, Intelligent Automation, LLC

Daniel Ramos is a Senior Information Technology and Cybersecurity Security professional with over 20 years of Security, Telecommunications & IT industry experience with superior knowledge of problem and incident management. He has worked in mission critical service desk/help desk environments and has strong practical knowledge of Physical Security Telecommunications, and Network Infrastructure.

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004 - Improving WIRELESS for the Home

June 3, 2021

On this week’s episode of TechFluencerTalk we have Daniel Ramos with us again from Intelligent Automation to talk about the latest hot topic . . . Improving Wireless for the Home! With so many of us working from home, your w…

Guest: Daniel Ramos

001 - Understanding CYBERSECURITY for the Home

May 12, 2021

Welcome to TechFluencer Talk, a Podcast where we break down the latest technologies and explore new innovations all while keeping the tech chat simple. We have all heard about Cyber Attacks and how damaging this can be!  On…

Guest: Daniel Ramos